Yung King Releases "The Birth of a King"

Yung King has been making a splash as a Hip-Hop and Rap artist for quite some time now. Utilizing music as a way to speak on his trials and tribulations in life, Yung King tells a real story with each of his releases. Always being surrounded by music, his love and passion has outweighed everything else in life. Making sure to hold a legacy in this game, he has been on a rampage lately. Having a real message behind his lyrics has been a real major factor for Yung King and he really wants his listeners to really feel him. Making music with messages, those who listen in to his music can actually take something with them as far as a life lesson or message.

Releasing a studio album in a few months back, it is still resonating with fans till this day. Yung King has kept his foot on the gas, not slowing down for anyone in 2022. With this album, we see nine of Yung King’s best songs so far. Some of the fan favorites are “Drinking All Night”, “Ready for War”, and “King Sh!t”. Wanting his fans to each have a song of their liking, he made sure to include as many different vibes as possible. Executed from start to finish, “The Birth of a King” is a must stream on all platforms. If you have not had a chance to get in tune with Yung King, he is up next and will be releasing much more content in the coming months!

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