Young Adub Releases Single "Depression"

Young Adub, an artist hailing from Blue Ridge, Georgia, has had to overcome various challenges in his journey to establish himself in the music industry. Growing up in a small town with limited resources, he took it upon himself to build his own recording studio and learn the ropes of recording, mixing, and producing through online tutorials. Determined to make his mark, Young Adub frequently traveled to Atlanta to collaborate with fellow artists, perform at shows, and access better studios. These experiences shaped him into the artist he is today. 

Young Adub's inspiration to become a music artist stems from his lifelong passion for music and witnessing other artists succeed. Motivated by the desire to provide for his family and loved ones, he recognized music as a means to achieve his goals. With a versatile sound encompassing multiple genres like hip-hop, pop, trap, and R&B, Young Adub prides himself on his ability to create music that defies categorization. He believes in his skills as a producer, artist, and engineer, and aspires to write songs for other artists as well. 

Young Adub's musical journey began with a modest recording setup in his mom's basement, working tirelessly to improve his skills and generate income. Through self-study and attending college for audio engineering, he honed his craft and eventually found himself working in renowned studios across the country. Young Adub's strength lies in his authenticity, as he stays true to himself and tells his own life story through his music. Despite facing struggles arising from his limited resources, he sees these challenges as what sets him apart from other artists. 

Inspired by artists such as Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Moneyman, Young Adub admires their artistry, entrepreneurial ventures, and ability to motivate through their music. While he has achieved significant milestones such as millions of streams and charting on platforms, Young Adub emphasizes that his success should be attributed to his own hard work rather than any connections he may have in the industry. Looking ahead, he plans to release new music, including the track "Depression" with an accompanying music video, targeting a diverse audience with relatable themes. 

Overall, Young Adub's music represents his quest for genuine connections amidst a world of fake love. He encourages listeners to believe in themselves, focus on personal growth, and persevere through challenges. With his unwavering determination, distinctive sound, and commitment to staying true to his story, Young Adub aims to leave a lasting impact on the music industry.

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