WTD Abuseff Has Used Music To Better His Life

Queens artist WTD Abuseff has been utilizing music as an outlet to better his life and those around him. Speaking on the truth and what he sees and has been through, his music takes a very organic approach. Using his past as motivation, it has only made Abuseff work harder to get what he wants in life and in the music industry. WTD can also be classified as energetic and versatile when it comes to his releases. Currently with four singles on his discography and three videos to go along with them, he has seen his support grow since his first release “Mario” back in 2020. With a new and improved vision, WTD Abuseff really took 2022 by storm. 

With his most recent release “Hit Stick”, this may be his biggest song to date. Already hitting 25,000 views in just a few months time on Youtube, Abuseff plans to keep his fans entertained with more music coming soon. As for now, tune in to WTD Abuseff as he can be found on all major streaming platforms!

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