Washington DC Artist Queen Iceis Is Here To Stay

Queen Iceis is from Washington DC and is taking the state by storm. Becoming pregnant at 15 and later having two more children at the age of 21 Queen Iceis wants to show her children that growing up in the hood is not all there is to life. Coming out of a 13 year relationship in which she was abused changed her way of work ethic making her hungrier than ever to be successful. Queen Iceis wants to and is raising awareness about domestic violence and mental health issues through her music. Music is in Queen Iceis’s DNA, her father introduced her to instruments while playing five himself. Her father was an inspiration for her to become an artist along with the likes of Twista, Busta Rhymes, Andre 3000, Eminem, and Queen Latifah. Queen Iceis is determined to make her sound heard with songs such as “Rollercoaster”, “Throw Dat Azz Back”, and “Heavy Handed” all while bringing up the issues she is most passionate about. Truly she is a unique artist with a message everyone can support. 

Queen Iceis recently released a project with Hunnitband Hitta called Beauty and the Beast and plans on releasing visuals for some of the songs on the project. The project was inspired by a new beginning, wanting to show everyone that if you have chemistry with someone, make something out of it. The sound on this project is phenomenal, Queen Iceis and Hunnitband Hitta make a fantastic duo, playing to each other's strengths and without outshining each other. While having fun making the project one of Queen Iceis’s children sings the hook for the song “Beauty and the Beast ''. Queen Iceis wants her fans to know that you can be yourself and to not let anyone judge you for any reason. On this project she wants to show her audience what it is a woman wants in a man and what a man wants in a woman along with what to stay away from. Make sure to check out Beauty and the Beast along with the rest of her discography on Spotify and Apple Music along with her Instagram @officialqueeniceis for future updates. 

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