"Wake Up" is Here via Young Jay1

Young Jay1 is a rising artist from UnionTown Pennsylvania. Having lived and grown up in Pittsburgh for the majority of his life, the tough environment played a role in where he got a lot of his inspiration towards his craft. Combining a melodic flow, heavy hitting bars and wordplay Jay is able to bend genres. While he started rapping just for fun, while listening to his inspirations such as Chief Keef and Soulja Boy, Young Jay1 recently has become more serious about his craft. This can be heard in his newest release “Wake Up”. 

“Wake Up” is a smoker friendly song that will for sure put you in the right mood to start your day. Young Jay1’s easy going demeanor can be heard through his flow and lyrics. The motto he has for the song is to just have fun and try not the stress life too much. With lyrics such as “Im kicking shit like Jackie Chan do my own stunts” you can see the intuitive lyrics and word play used. Make sure to give his new single a listen and follow @youngj1_ on instagram to follow his journey as a musician.

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