Vye-Del Features Strong Lyricism and a Distinct Sound

Vye-Del, born Jean Videl Toussaint is a rising talent in the music industry who was raised in Broward County, Florida. However Vye-Del wasn’t a Florida native but was actually born in Haiti where he was forced to abandon his birth mother at the age of 5, to this day not being able to see her since. When he arrived in Florida, Vye was moved into Pompano Beach across the street from Golden Acres which is now famed for the talent it has produced with Kodak Black. Attending numerous schools within Pompano’s district Vye had his eyes on being the second person in his family to graduate from a 4 year university with a degree. He was later accepted at Saint Leo University to pursue a business marketing degree. Being from Pompano Beach usually leaves you with few options outside of jail or death due to the rampant level of violence in the area. Vye decided at an early age that he wouldn’t fall victim to the streets.
While education is and always will be important to Vye, his musical journey started at the age of 16 with the release of ‘Untold Story’. This song features a former friend of the artist however the song was written, produced, mixed & mastered by Jean Videl Toussaint himself. Natural talent and self-motivation helped him forge a route toward the future he envisioned for himself. He followed the single up with “Virtuoso’s Euphony" where a whopping 10 of 11 songs are exclusively made by Vye-Del himself. Since then Vye has released a plethora of singles to keep his fanbase enthralled. With the royalties of this run of singles the artist was actually able to purchase his first vehicle to keep his craft alive. By now you may be wondering where the name “Vye-Del” came from, I know we were! It directly translates to “Old Operator” from Haitian Creole to English. 
Having a life-changing year in 2022 as well, having just performed in August at a VPBooking rehearsal as well as a performance at Miami’s famed KOD strip club. Outside of these major performances he is regularly working on both new projects and singles. He intends to offer more content for his followers in the following months and concentrate on some visuals later in the new year. The music of Vye-Del is categorized as Alternative Hip-Hop and has a variety of lyrical and adaptable punchlines. Vye-Del intends to keep working hard with his team and paving the way for his career as a musician. Many musicians, including J. Cole, Lil Wayne, and Lil Baby, served as role models for Vye-Del and helped him achieve where he is now in the music business. The same passion and drive that drive his motivation as an artist will be used by Vye-Del to advance his career. 
Vye-Del has always been one for separating himself from his competitors by networking and engaging with others to utilize the resources around him as well as keeping a positive group with him that pushes each other to be the best each person can be. What separates Vye-Del from others are his versatile lines and his drive to not stop until he gets to the top. He is currently working in the studio day in and day out to perfect his professionalism as a musician and start pushing out more music for his fans. As well as teaming up with Untitledexport Management to further guide him along his career to help him with his online and social credibility as an artist. He is ready to do whatever it takes, while using his opportunities along his journey and utilizing them towards his advantage. Make sure to stay tuned for his upcoming releases, follow @vye._ on Instagram to stay tuned in to his journey as a musician.

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