Two young superstars, DJ Diddy & Lil XXEL have been dominating the TikTok game and have no plans to slow down their rise. At just 22 years old, DJ Diddy is recognized as the youngest celebrity Tour DJ in the world with numerous videos reaching over 2 million views. The young DJ plans to become the new face of the scene in entertainment and is very much on pace to take the music industry by surprise. Like Diddy, the 19-year-old Lil XXEL has also gained momentum by uploading song snippets on TikTok that have reached millions worldwide. It’s no secret that his fans find him super relatable and can’t seem to get enough teasers. Diddy’s viral crowd & performance videos continue to be shared across social media platforms alongside Lil XXEL’s song snippets. Both young superstars have made it clear that they’ve become viral sensations that the ladies just can’t seem to get enough of. As a matter of fact, they seem to have developed a close friendship and are cooking things up in the studio.

          The record they’ve been working on is officially being released by DJ Diddy with Lil XXEL as a featured artist; it’s titled “Monopoly” (feat. Lil XXEL). On average, XXEL is doing 300k+ views per track on sound-cloud and has yet to debut a record on all digital streaming platforms but is finally debuting alongside DJ Diddy. 
The original hook was recorded and written by Lil XXEL in early October for a TikTok video. The majority of his music recorded during this time remained incomplete. As for the snippets on TikTok, they’ve also started trending on Instagram and youtube which caused him to revisit those platforms and continue creating. 

           DJ Diddy discovered Lil XXEL on TikTok & immediately visualized the overall final project we now know as “Monopoly.” The record was recently finished in December of 2019 in the state of New Jersey. Without any hesitation, Diddy quickly flew out XXEL in order to work hand in hand and put his sauce on the record. The original track was produced by BubbaGotBeatz but once Diddy and his team glued this record together, it really came to life. The release date is currently set for January 3, 2020.



Written by:

Franklin Aguilar


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