Vic Mensa's "No More Teardrops" Talks Social Injustice, Anti-Maskers and More

The heat upon this years horrific insights to police brutality are one of the many "hard-to-swallow" discussions that are kept within Vic Mensa's latest single, "No More Teardrops", which released on August 10th, 2020

 Through the fire of the polarizing, first national Confederate flag on display, Mensa vividly paints the image of what audiences are about to indulge during the single, featuring spoken word artist, Malik Yusef and Wyatt WaddellThe subjectivity of his melodic successions detail in everything that the black community has been facing.


In his most quotable lyrics, he informs his audience of the scenic, symbolic matters within the oppressive system, civic unrest, eventual occurrences which shapes this dynamic single as a musically enticing protest to all four minutes and thirty two seconds of the track.


The 27-year-old Chicago-native rapper also takes a jab at white anti-maskers not abiding by CDC guidelines during the pandemic, stating in his verse:


"White folks protesting 'cause they can't leave/ Try twenty-five to life, that's a real quarantine/ They just take the mask off when they can't breathe/ But we got officers knees in our esophagus/ Face blue 'cause he running out of oxygen,"


"No More Teardrops" will make an appearance on the Roc Nation compilation album titled, "Reprise" , alongside artists and their respective social justice anthems. The project will fund organizations that support victims of police brutality, hate crimes and other violations of civil rights.


To stream the song, visit the Spotify link below and share your thoughts with us:


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Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk

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