$UICIDALHEARTACHE$ has the Mindset for Success and the Drive to Provide his Fans with Amazing Music

$UICIDALHEARTACHE$ is from Stockton California who makes sad and romantic songs inspired by his past relationships.  $UICIDALHEARTACHE$ is also inspired by: Lil Peep, XXTENTACION, Craig Xen, $not, and the $uicideboy$ because all the mentioned artists had new flows and different ideas for the music scene. He understands that everyone is going through life in different phases and  $UICIDALHEARTACHE$ wants to provide a vibe for those searching for something to fulfill their lives. $UICIDALHEARTACHE$ started recording himself at fifteen years old outside at night so no one would hear him, then would record in his car, and now records at his own place. This dedication is what separates him from other artists. $UICIDALHEARTACHE$ is always striving to put out a better project than his last. $UICIDALHEARTACHE$ has the mindset for success and the drive to provide his fans with amazing music.

“My biggest accomplishment is the new songs that’s always coming out. Next thing is always better than the last thing.”

$UICIDALHEARTACHE$ is someone who makes music and writes lyrics from real experiences. $UICIDALHEARTACHE$ has had a fair share of heartbreaks and through songs like “one call”, he is able to channel whatever he is going through to his audience. $UICIDALHEARTACHE$ has a new song coming out soon called “Wasted Love”. The song talks about wasting energy one someone who didn’t deserve the efforts made for them. He hopes to reach out to those going through similar situations as himself, anyone hurting or healing from past relationships. His flow and delivery coincide with his songs. His cadence makes the songs stand out through a tone that presents itself as emotionally drained because of all the heartache he has been through. Make sure to check out $UICIDALHEARTACHE$ on SoundCloud for upcoming releases along with my personal favorites “Medication” featuring Fe_Lie The God and “princess”.  

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