Twan Don Releases New Music

Twan Don, is a Rap and HipHop artist reigning from New Jersey. Twan has always been a firm believer in changing the culture of the music scene around him. With his latest single, an up tempo vibe titled “Messenger”, Twan wants to make as much noise as he can in 2022. Rapping about the struggle and the real life experiences he faces, his music separates from others on that note. Adding lyrical ability to his hard hitting flow, Twan makes sure his music is felt by all.

Using his creativity as well, Twan Don’s music is one of a kind. With “Messenger” just coming out, we should expect to see much more content on the way for Twan in the new year. Until then, make sure to check out his latest single and his huge discography of music on all major streaming platforms!

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