TreDeuce Looks To Takeoff in 2022

Rising artist TreDeuce has been making a lane for himself for quite some time. Utilizing his passion for music and having a story to tell, TreDeuce can be considered one of the only artists of today’s generation who speak on what life is really like. Wanting to paint a picture for his listeners, TreDeuce does a great job incorporating real lyricism into his work. Going bar for bar or using a Hip-Hop and melodic aura, Tre touches on multiple genres not specifically relying on just one. Starting back in 2020 with a single titled “ADD”, TreDeuce has grown tremendously as an artist. By connecting with more resources and building his network, he has pushed his platform to the space it needs to be in with high quality mixes and content. 

With much more music in store for 2022, TreDeuce wants to shows his listeners how strong of an artist he really is. With lasting potential in this music industry, we should only see him continue to rise in the ranks of the Rap and Hip-Hop world. Now is a perfect time to get familiar with TreDeuce and his music before he takes off. If you have not had a chance to check out his discography, it is available via all major platforms!

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