Thr33jay Wants To Get His Story Out There For Good

Rising artist Thr33jay who is originally from Brownsville Brooklyn, NY then relocated to East Windsor, NJ when he was about 12 years old. This recording artist Thr33Jay has a different story than most. Having to grow and mature at a young age, the vision he has is incredible. Also add in a crazy work ethic and here we have the one and only Thr33jay. Making the most of the global pandemic, he went on to release 4 singles that have his fans eager for new music. Taking some time to record and create while also being a student at Penn State Berks University, has been quite the feat. 
Using the past few months to create new content, Thr33jay plans to release a brand new single titled “Whatever You Want”. Using his vocals to let his heart out, the inspiration from this song is actually himself. He tends to think about his future and how he can set himself up for life with his musical talents.  Using this song to also familiarize the world with who Thr33jay is, he wants to get his story out there for good. If you have not had a chance to checkout Thr33jay, go tune in now as his discography can be found on all major platforms!

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