The Weeknd Unveils Meaning Behind "Blinding Lights" and More

The Weeknd is a master at creating some of the most addictive songs with catchy hooks that are paired beautifully with his hauntingly captivating vocals and synthwaves. In the success of his latest album, "After Hours", his popularized hit titled "Blinding Lights" takes a dark twist on what lies beneath the surface of this dream-pop chart topping song.



 In his new feature story with Esquire, he unveiled the true message of the song and its music video. Take a look at his response down below:


"'Blinding Lights' [is about] how you want to see someone at night, and you’re intoxicated, and you’re driving to this person and you’re just blinded by streetlights," he says in the story. "But nothing could stop you from trying to go see that person, because you’re so lonely. I don’t want to ever promote drunk driving, but that’s what the dark undertone is."


The Weeknd is not a stranger to talking about the significance behind his craft. The story piece also described his fascination in films, which causes a great connection to where his references stem from throughout his discography. He even discusses his interest in writing a whole album for a female artist.


Who do you think would be the best candidate for this teaser project? Let us know in the comments below.




Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk

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