The Future is Bright for Hater as he Just Dropped his Mixtape "Mo$t Loved"

Hailing from Houston, Texas and now residing in Tampa, Florida Hater is here to dominate the music industry. Growing up his mother watched all kinds of artists documentaries increasing Hater’s range of musical ability, music was his one true dream. What he calls “Ethereal Bars” is his own genre of music being classified as songs with smooth flows, lifting melodies, and a real message behind the track. Starting out in seventh grade Hater would write and record in his room until the ninth grade when he put out his first song on SoundCloud. His drive and focus for music is what made him unlike other artists. Music to him is not about freestyling in the studio but taking the time to deliver substance in his artwork. Inspired by the likes of BabyTron, Playboi Carti, and T-Pain to just stay true to himself but not afraid to experiment with his sound. The future is bright for Hater as he just dropped his mixtape Mo$t Loved and soon to be performing for the first time on July 3, 2022 in Tampa Florida.

Mo$t Loved is about Hater’s growth, failures, and mistakes that have made him the man he is today. Hater’s music is in a category of its own with its unique sound and the ability to leave you wanting more. His determination is what pushes him beyond other artists, working overtime to make those studio hours a reality and countless hours of putting in the work for something undeniably extraordinary. Hater wants his fans to know that you can be the most hated person because people do not understand you and you can be the most loved person because you are seen as pure magic with no tricks. However, you have to know yourself when you are the only one that’s watching. Make sure to check out Hater’s new release Mo$t Loved on Spotify and Apple Music along with the rest of his discography and follow him on Instagram @813.Kyle to stay up to date on the upcoming rising star.

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