TayNZae Bounce Off Each Other Effortlessly In New Drop 'Pop Out'

TayNZae, NJ’s hottest rap duo, dropped off ‘Pop Out’ this past weekend to stamp that they’re here and dont plan on letting up throughout Q4. Coming hot off the release of Shake That earlier in the summer, the duo keeps their fans laced up with new music. We got a chance to sit down and speak with the group to find out more about what went into the making of this record. Ignoring and blazing past competition as well as focusing all of their energy on bettering each other has always been one of their trade secrets to success. The group told us “We don’t have no competition but ourselves the goal is to work on our craft and better ourselves day by day at what ever it is we do, we always challenge our self to make the next song better than the last.” This can clearly be seen throughout the delivery and cadence of the track as the 2 bounce off each other effortlessly.

When we asked the duo about their target audiences for this release they mentioned that they are aiming for the stars for this one. Aiming the track at anybody who can relate with being ‘outside’ whatever that word means to you, this track is fit for the occasion. Focusing on the vibe that the track delivers to the audience more-so than anything else allows TayNZae to really hone in on the feeling the music provides. The track also details how to deal with adversaries with bars like “stop calling n****s yo gang if they don’t even claim you as gang n’em” this means that unless your team is going to show support to you than you shouldn’t be claiming them as your team/label mates.

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