T-Rains Putting Massachusetts On The Map

Hailing from Lynn, Massachusetts, T-Rains is rising to stardom as an artist. Constantly being around friends and family producing music has inspired T-Rains to pursue music at a young age. This acted as a stepping stone to his career as a musician and at the age of ten he started taking his career as musician seriously. Simply, T-Rains fell in love with creating and producing music at the age of ten. He has looked up to artists as main sources of inspiration throughout career: Lil Wayne, A Boogie, and Polo G. He admires their lyrics, sound, and delivery. His releases in 2021 were monumental to his career as an artist. His recent release, “Double Cup”, surpassed one thousand streams on platforms. This generated noise for T-Rains in the industry and he was able to develop a small fan base. T-Rains aspires to grow his fan base by consistently dropping singles and albums. He is going to continue to utilize the same passion and energy that has gotten him to where he is today. T-Rains plans on releasing “Solo” and “I found you” prior to the start of the new year. Recent real-life events inspired T-Rains to make these upcoming releases. Solo is intended for those who are going through a breakup in a relationship and are heart broken. The single primarily targets people who are chasing their dreams and career after a tough break up. Although, the single relates to any individual that has been in a relationship or been through heartbreak. The upcoming release, “I Found You”, is a love song and is intended for an audience that is going through love or dreaming about love. What he wants his listeners to take away from the single is that you can be heartbroken from the result of a relationship and still be on your grind chasing your passion. No matter how bad you feel from the fall in the relationship, you can chase your passion and get the bag.

What separates T-Rains from his competition is his determination and eagerness to work. As a young and rising artist, T-Rains is eager to make a name for himself. He views it as unfair when those in the industry do not think smaller artists are willing to work as hard as famous artists since they are not already up. T-Rains is here to prove this assertion wrong and pursue his dreams. He fell in love with music at a young age and has been passionately going after his dream ever since. He has a unique sound and delivery that differentiates himself from his competition. Many fans in the industry believe smaller artists are not hungry and do not want to work as hard as a mainstream artist. As soon as listeners see how he works and produces, listeners understand that he is hungrier and more determined than any other artist in the industry. 


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