SydeWayz Has It All Covered From Flows to Melodies to Delivery

SydeWayz a young, up-and-coming artist located in Atlanta for the past 7 years, he dropped off a heavy hitting single featuring Brooklyn born Perrion earlier this fall. MAD could be described as a high energy and catchy song with numerous electric synths and a distinguished thumping baseline. Teaming up with Perrion allows SydeWayz to bring his unique sound to a new part of the country. Targeting fans of greats like Lil Uzi, Playboi Carti & Yeat, he also plans on dropping an EP soon of many different vibes to attract these listeners. Bringing a sound that is leagues above what we’ve heard from other drops this year, SydeWays has it all covered from flows, melodies, delivery & subject matter.
The influence of his environment has been a driving factor in his development as an artist. He believes that his environment affected his music in numerous ways. His introduction to the music scene started out as battling rapping locally making a name for himself. Listening to artists like Jay-Z & Nas while they were at their prime helped him evolve him into something new and different. He also credits Eminem as an influence on his approach to music—listening to him when he was young got him thinking about how he could use elements of rap's past to create something new. This inspiration led him to evolve into a more melodic rapper with a unique delivery style. 
His family is older and religious; what he does in music is almost foreign to them. So his foundation and support system are completely built on friends and fans who have grown up with him over the years! Most of the music he is making nowadays, he enjoys making because it's fun for him! Sydewayz says that he believes he has the ability to span multiple genres because of his ability to adapt different sounds depending on what's going on in his life at any given moment. This can be seen in Sleep Deprivation (which is a laid-back, rhythmic, melodic vibe), or No Pump Faking (more straight-forward rap with catchy hooks). No matter what he's going through personally or professionally, Sydewayz is willing to put the work in to be seen. 
Getting a chance to open for 2 Chainz during his Based on a TRU story tour; the love was so authentic and supportive that it led me to move to Atlanta 7 years ago. After making the move, Sydewayz dropped a single off his upcoming EP “I’M OK”. He’s pushed his album back for this release to rebuild momentum with this sound.He’ll be releasing another single and video before the EP drops officially. Dates will be coming! Don’t Love Me Later was his latest EP. Fans loved it. SydeWayz favored “dark trap” beats, and focused on delivering dope flows and catchy hooks. He dropped one single, Two-Tone,  before releasing a video and then the project itself. Be on the lookout for what he comes out with next! 

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