Suave-Ski Ending The Year On A High Note

Suave-Ski is a Connecticut born Recording Artist and Creative who is able to captivate any audience through music and visuals. Growing up he was always outside playing street ball, listening to G Unit & DJ Green Lantern/Whiteowl mixtapes back when the two worlds collided. After a troublesome start to High School, his parents sent him to stay with his aunt in Texas where he and his cousin found their calling for making music. Combining Suave's vocal and writing abilities with his cousin's production the two began making a name for themselves. While living in Fort Worth, Suave hit the ground running at networking events where he was able to cross paths and garner the attention of Texas greats such as Slim Thug, Trae the truth, Bun B, Lil Flip and more. Getting direct inspiration from each of their stories and the impact they had on their community, he was instantly influenced by the collaborative and inclusive hip-hop culture. Getting his start in live performances and showcases through his new network, he played shows all over the state of Texas. This experience allowed Suave to get a major head start with perfecting his stage presence and showmanship at the same time. We spoke with Suave about his Texas experience as a whole and he had this to say; "Starting my music journey down south taught me that when you work together you can accomplish so much more, and that pride and ego play against you. I was collaborating and connecting with people, it made me feel good to see likeminded individuals working towards the same goals."

More recently Suave has been on an amazing run, being featured on 3 full length tours throughout North America & Canada he has since relocated back to his stomping grounds to give back to the community that raised him. Flash forward and Suave has been awarded the CT Arts Hero Award in 2021 for his impact on his community, followed by being honored as A CT Top 40 under 40 artist/influencer in 2022. Suave also had a song from his Speakeazy Album placed in the first ever Virtual Reality Skateboarding game "VR Skater" even going as far as to feature images of him in the game itself. Combining a high level skillset in graphic design, videography, songwriting and the ability to leverage his personal connections, Suave is a one-man-army. These skills and achievements have allowed Suave to separate himself from the competition and rise to be one of the top stars in his state.

He took inspiration sonically from Kid Cudi and Fabulous combining Cudi's dark and emotional delivery with Fab's quick and witty wordplay as well as overall timeless sound. Suave also founded Artflame in 2021, a nonprofit which mentors teens on how to effectively release and market their music. With plans to tour the country again this year make sure to stay tuned with Suave-Ski's packed Q4 release schedule (follow @suaveskimusic across all social media platforms).

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