Stoney Official Putting on for Michigan

Stoney Official is a rising talent in the music industry who was born and raised in Battle Creek Michigan.. His poetical and lyrical touch is what separates him from competitors. With his love for music he wants to be able to reach everyone he can and understands music is universal. He's just getting started with the release of his two new songs ``Worth” and “Nino” featuring Trick Daddy affiliate Gold Ru$h from South Florida. With these two releases he was really able to get in touch with his emotions and what he described as his most productive state of mind.

With his song “Worth” there was a lot of time that he spent reflecting on his life. His mindset is that if someone is actually meant to be in your life and that it's truly meant to be, then everything he has was deserved. His creative and intuitive lyricism can be heard in the line “ I’m in love with you like music, so call me Erick Sermon”. Erick Sermon mixed a song called “MUSIC” with vocals from Marvin Gaye in which he tells his love, passion and honesty about his love for music and how it makes him feel. His overall message in the song was stating that if a real woman is worth it in bed then he would go to the end meet to make her happy.

With his song “Nino” featuring Gold Ru$h he spoke his truth and really delved into some of his own personal experiences. He really wanted to be able to grab the listeners attention and give them a glimpse into his life and how a lot of us aren't so different. Again, without question; you can hear his creative lyricism in the line “I saw plenty of hustlers get caught up with the 5-0, I grew up around them hustlers who made it to 5-0”. This bar he had explains that you could make one wrong move and get caught up or make all the right ones to be able to see 50.

While Stoney Official is just getting his feet wet in the game, hes surely one to keep an eye on. He is someone who is in his own bracket and creating some sounds that have not been heard before. He is currently working in the studio day in and day out to perfect his professionalism as a musician and start pushing out more music for his fans. As well as teaming up with Untitledexport Management to further guide him along his career to help him with his online and social credibility as an artist. He is ready to do whatever it takes, while using his opportunities along his journey and utilizing them towards his advantage. Make sure to check out his new releases “Worth” and “Nino” out on all streaming platforms and follow him on instagram @StoneyMusicOfficial to stay tuned on his journey as a musician.

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