Splur Fest Houston Brings out Top Underground Artists: Autumn, KANKAN, Iayze, Summrs & more

          Even on the tail-end of the COVID-19 pandemic, music enthusiasts are anxiously waiting to see their favorite artists hit the stage. We are not talking about mainstream artists such as Drake or Lil Baby. Our reference is to the new wave of talent emerging from the underground. On January 22nd, 2022, Splur Magazine hosted a sold-out banger in Houston, Texas. This gave the fans exactly what they were looking for. With a line wrapping around the building, young teens were cheering and waiting out in the cold, counting down the minutes until the doors opened at the Soul'd Out venue. At 7PM, there was a rush of people trying to get their spot near the stage, ready to bring the energy for the performing artists. 

          With a lineup filled with talent that you might have never heard of, the show was live from start to finish. Moshing and headbanging were a prominent call-to-action throughout the small venue and the fans came to support. The top performers included Summrs, DC The DonDesire, Lil Playah, and the bubbling artist Iayze, who just hit his first million streams on SoundCloud for his song "C'mere!". Notably, fans are starting to talk about the fact that two of the Slay World members (KANKAN & Autumn) were both at the show. At this moment, people believe there is a beef between Autumn and the Slay World king, YEAT. Everyone is now wondering what is going on between the three of them, and if there is any beef at all. 

         This new wave of talent almost makes you reminisce of the 2016 music scene when artists like Lil Uzi and Playboi Carti were on the come up. With all of the backlash from the Hip-Hop community calling them SoundCloud rappers, it seems that there is a new appreciation for this new type of sound that is taking over the industry. We are excited to see who is next to blow!

Full Line Up at Splur Fest Houston, TX:

DC The Don, Iayze, Summrs, Desire, TSM Beezy, Riven, Goonie, Dom Corleo, Franks Last Day, Eli Juggz, Wolf Face Joey, B1Benn, Wolf Uzi, Lil Water Bed, GASH, Teller23, CJTHAGODD, Dmxn

Splur Fest Houston, Texas\

Flyer made by: @13kai24

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