SoCruel d'Vil And Luchy Val Drop "it takes time."

SoCruel d'Vil and Luchy Val have presented the world with their hit song “it takes time.” Collaborating in hopes to bring SoCruel’s punk/pop sound and Luchy Val’s Hip-Hop tendencies together, they do just that on this perfectly created track. Working on multiple songs together over the past few months, “it takes time.” is the one that stood out the most in their eyes.  Already receiving huge amounts of support from their respective fan bases, this song has opened up many doors for SoCruel and Luchy Val. 

Hoping to relay the message that success and patience go hand in hand, “it takes time.” is a message within itself. SoCruel d’Vil and Luchy Val want their listeners to know nothing can change overnight. Its the dedication you put in day in and day out that makes all the difference. If you have not had a chance to check out these two talented artists, SoCruel d’Vil and Luchy Val are on all major streaming platforms as well as their latest hit “it takes time.”


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