Snoop Dogg and NBA Youngboy Get Pulled Over

Instagram delivers an interesting night between Snoop Dogg and NBA Youngboy.


The situation of the matter consists of Snoop Dogg and NBA Youngboy getting unexplainably pulled over. In the video, Snoop is capturing the odd event, introducing Youngboy into the frame while a couple of men surround the vehicle. Take a look at the encounter below:



 "Look who pulled me over, I got pulled over by the police and him," says Snoop, filming the event while the camera pans over to two man standing beside them and one is seen dancing. Although there are flashing lights going off behind them, there appears to be no police in sight.


"Good thing I know him or I'd be going to jail. I got the young homie with me riding. He ain't got nothing on him, I ain't got nothing on me. We good, let us go." Snoop says to the camera. The two remained seated in the car for the entire duration of the video, but Snoop sports a smile throughout the encounter.


As 50.3 million followers are left pondering what this exchange could have been, our best bet lies on the possibility that this is a stunt pulled for a music video or for the entertaining content on Snoop's Instagram platform.  


What do you think happened that night? What would you do if you spotted these two during your commute? Let us know in the comments below!



Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk

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