Slimeyb Has Been Making a Splash as a Hip-Hop and Rap Artist

Slimeyb has been making a splash as a Hip-Hop and Rap artist. Always being surrounded by music, it wasn’t until recently Slimey found out his dad was a well known musician during his era. Making sure to push the legacy along he is now here to takeover. Also inspired by main stream artists like Juice Wrld, Lil Uzi Vert and XXX, his music is unique in many ways. Having a real message behind his lyrics, Slimeyb wants his listeners to really feel him. Being incarcerated at a young age, he has been through many trials and tribulations to get to the point where he is today. Also growing up in a violent neighborhood, Slimey eyes were opened up to many situations adolescents are not used to. Now 16, Slimeyb looks to take his craft and passion all the way to the top.

Releasing his debut studio album in January of this year, Slimeyb wants to keep his foot on the gas pedal in 2022. With this album, we see eighteen of Slimeyb’s best songs so far. Wanting his fans to each have a song of their liking, he made sure to include as many different vibes as possible. Executed from start to finish, “Life of a Slime” is a must stream on all platforms. If you have not had a chance to get in tune with Slimeyb, he is up next and will be releasing much more content in the coming months!

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You gonna be on top slimey, just wait!

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