Robtop Releases Stranded To Close Out The Year


Robtop has used 2021 to grow his collection musically. Along the way, Robtop’s has seen an incline in support on these tracks. With most recent drop “Stranded”, Robtop is back with his highly promising Hyper-Pop vibes. Looking to reach those wanting to hear a real life story, Rob makes sure to include personal aspects within his releases. Using his emotions at the time of creating this track, Robtop knows that others are feeling exactly the same. Using his music to connect with those, Robtop has been able to create a family like culture with his fans and followers.

Getting you in your feels, Robtop does it in an upbeat way which we have never seen been done. Coming out just over a week ago, “Stranded” has seen an immense amount of support. If you have not had a chance to check this release out it is available via all major streaming platforms. As this seems to be like the last release of the year for Robtop, make sure to stay in tune with him on his social media pages.

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