Reggie FE's Music Is Inspired By His Father

Reggie FE is from Rialto California where he was not inspired by his surroundings but his father. His father would listen to Dr. Dre, N.W.A., and Snoop Dogg. Reggie FE started his music journey back in December of 2020, recording at his house and engineering all of his music making sure everything he puts out is nothing but all his work. He is currently developing a new style of sound mixing hyperpop/rage and emo rap music calling this new fusion Frenzy Rap or Emo Synth. His father introduced him to some of the top rappers of all time but Reggie FE is inspired by the likes of: Lil Wayne, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, Joyner Lucas, Juice WRLD, and Eminem. His voice is powerful like Eminem’s and Joyner Lucas’s and his hooks are like Juice WRLD’s and Trippie Redd. Reggie FE is a confident artist who has multiple avenues of creativity to tap into and will go to great lengths to make sure his songs are perfect. 

Reggie FE is releasing “Loner” on March 25th 2022 which will be his first introduction to the new genre of Frenzy Rap or Emo Synth. Reggie FE prides himself on sounding authentic and like no one else. During the creation of “Loner” Reggie FE was experimenting with his vocals trying to solidify his own sound along with every lyric and making sure every single one resonates with his fans. Reggie FE wants his fans to know that his music is a safe space for any listener no matter what they look like. You can go to his music and feel a sense of comfort knowing someone is out there making music to change anyone’s mindset into a positive one. Make sure to check out Reggie FE on Spotify and Apple Music and be on the lookout for “Tales Untold”dropping March eleventh 2022.

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