Rawrii P On The Come Up

Rawrii P is from La Grange Texas where talent is everywhere  with no hope of getting out but, Rawrii P is different. Inspired by the likes of Andre 3000, Lil Uzi Vert, Juice WRLD and his best friend Lyanah Marie Marx for seeing the potential Rawrii P has. These inspirations have helped Rawrii P develop what it truly means to be an artist, not just for the money but for the craft of the art.  Rawrii P started off engineering at fourteen years old and has since engineered for a majority of upcoming artists in Texas. He hopes to help those rise to the stardom all artists seek while hustling himself. Instead of talking a big game or dressing in the latest fashion Rawrii P lets the numbers do all the talking. 

Rawrii P is dropping a music video for his latest song “HOOD $AVIOR”. Inspired by the concept of a girl looking for their one true love to save her from being alone. 

“Are you Ms Mary Jane or are you Ms Lois Lane cause I’ve been wondering if I could be your hood savior.” (Lyrics from HOOD $AVIOR)

Rawrii P does everything himself from engineering, beat making, designing cover artwork, acapella, and combined with a flow like no other, Rawrii P was born to be in the music industry all while staying true to what he believes in. The creative process for this release besides the song being about a woman looking for the one is his feelings about not being able to see his daughter and seeing what the mother of his daughter is going through. Hoping to one day tell her that she doesn't have to worry anymore. Rawrii P’s overall message to his fans is that a man should not be judged for his current situation because the struggles will go away and things will get better. Make sure to check out Rawrii P’s SoundCloud and drop a follow on his Instagram account @rawrii_p. 

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