Rahulfuckedupp Has An Intriguing Back Story

Rahulfuckedupp is not your average artist. With an intriguing back story and a rollercoaster of events, Rahul and his music are here to tell the story. Born in Hamilton, New Zealand but moving to Fiji there were not many kids of color at the school he was attending. Being bullied and having trouble finding friends, his one and only friend ended up committing suicide at just fifteen. Also dealing with strict parents, it was expected that he would take over his father's company as Rahul got older. With all the pain and challenges he endured, music seemed to always be there for him no matter what.

Starting off with a sock and USB mic on his friend's laptop, Rahulfuckedupp has completely transformed his sound and skills. Being versatile, he mainly dabbles in R&B and Trap. A lot of his newer music is more electronic with the production but his sound has remained the same, singing and utilizing autotune. As for his top releases, Rahul's video "Four Eyes" with @slimedollaz has been a fan favorite. Recently dropping a single "100 round drum", he has been consistent as ever this year. With plans of releasing a couple more visuals and a couple projects in the next few months, Rahulfuckedupp has been steadily working for his supporters.

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