TUNE IN: Pink Sweat$ "Not Alright"

David Bowden, artistically known as "Pink Sweat$", is a 28-year-old Atlantic Records singer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

At the age of 19, his love for songwriting travelled into producing songs in different genres with acts like Florida George Line. After surviving a three-year battle with a rare disorder called, Achalasia, he became the musical artist we know today by transforming his nickname and love for the color pink, "Pink Sweats" into his stage persona.

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I painted my whole garage pink! 💗🙃🌸🧸

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 His discography features contemporary, feel-good R&B music with soft guitar melodies. His latest release titled, "Not Alright", takes a step away from his colorful expressionism to "face the weather" of today's incidents and outrage of the brutality against African-American people.



In his Instagram post on June 19th, he holds his promise with fans on releasing his upcoming album titled, "Pink Planet" while urging his listeners that the new song "needs you [to all] to hear this now". 

According to his note post, this new release is a song he wrote about the "wide range of feelings you experience while being black in America". He continues by stating that he will always promote love, unity and standing up for what he believes but a lot of us are currently, not alright.

His soon-to-be debut album will be released on July 17th, 2020, leaving his fans in attendance for the next taste of forthcoming tracks very soon. Listen to "Not Alright" by Pink Sweat$ below.



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Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk

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