Phillip Enkey Creates Universal Music That Can Be Listened To By All

Rising artist Phillip Enkey is from Havelock NC, a military town with a Marine corps base. Growing up, his parents were both Marines, his dad on active duty when he was born.  Being from a town like Havelock, Enkey was exposed to all sorts of music and cultures as he grew up. What directly impacted Phillip’s decision to make music was a car accident that involved multiple members of his family. Losing his mother, he needed a way to release the pain and a coping mechanism as time went on. Turning to music, Phillip Enkey found a way to push through and get to where he is today. Incorporating an upbeat and catchy pop vibe,  his music is the perfect combination of brass, strings, bass and lyrics. Each song he creates is pure lyricism and contains a story-telling component like no other. With an upcoming release at the end of March, this one dedicated to his wife, we should see these exact same vibes.

"Again" speaks to the one element that exists in long lasting fulfilling marriages and that is the miracle of falling in love with your best friend over and over again. This song talks about the day to day grind of managing life, a home, work, kids all while finding the little things that are beautiful about your spouse that help you fall in  love with them again like you did when you were first dating. "Again" provides a modern pop beat with a unique owl city vibe and catchy melody combined with a classic singer songwriter romantic message. Looking to reach those who are also searching or in long lasting relationships, he hopes this song can be their anthem as it is as much his. What separates Enkey from other artists in today’s market is his music is universal, meaning it can resonate with basically anyone. With much more content in the works, make sure to check out “Again” when it releases as well as his other hit singles on his discography. 

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