Road to Stardom: Baby Yungin

Meet Baby Yungin, a driven 18-year-old from Dallas, Texas. Being of Mexican descent, his father from Guerrero and mother from Guanajuato, Baby Yungin is bilingual and proud of his Mexican heritage. Rapidly climbing up the ladder of success as an independent artist, Yungin is taking the industry bull by the horns. Having become a full-time recording artist in December of 2019, he is 6 months deep into the game and absolutely crushing it.

 Facing multiple challenges growing up, he's been able to overcome adversity and stand his ground in the music game. He released the song, "Soldier" via CinematicTV in November of 2019 which spearheaded his career into a whole new level. The visual currently sits at 1.3 million views on Youtube.

The young Texan's familiar hearty voice, sentimental sound, and soulful vocals have turned the necks of some established industry giants such as Lil Baby. Having toured with Rod Wave on his "Ghetto Gospel" tour, Yungin gathered considerable attention in a short time span. "You just don't expect to hear that type of sound come out of someone who looks like me. But God made me how he made me and we rocking out," he states in an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes. When asked why people gravitate toward him he claims, "I feel is because of the way I look and my ethnicity, really, and plus... I think those are the main reasons but a bonus is my music is amazing." Additionally, he informs Smallz about his "connect" in the Latin market and having recorded multiple records in Spanish that are yet to be released. 

 Stay tuned with Baby Yungin as he's revealed the cover art and tracklist to his debut tape, Life Of A Soldier. The project is made up of 12 tracks including his breakthrough record "Soldier" as the first song. This upcoming project will be a solo tape and include no features. There is no official release date for the tape but fans are hoping that it drops sometime in 2020. Best believe, "There's not a label that hasn't called," says Yungin and although it appears that he's visited multiple record labels, he certainly has the advantage to remain independent for the time being.


Written by

Franklin Aguilar

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