NSMG Truu and Quan 2x Are Here To Stay

NSMG Truu and Quan 2x have been putting on for Roanoke, VA for quite
some time now. Looking to push the movement globally, they feel as if
the struggles they face are faced by many others as well. Using music
as a way to get their story and message across, NSMG Truu and Quan 2x
want to also show the world Roanoke’s potential. Both having a passion
and messing around with music for a while now, it wasn’t until a few
years back until they really put their all into what you see now.
Carrying a strong motivation and hunger to rise to the top ranks of
this industry, Truu and Quan have done whatever it takes. Primarily
focusing his music in the Hip-Hop genre, NSMG Truu wants to create his
own lane of “pop-hop”, a mix of  rhythms, beats, and flows from
Hip-Hop and writing styles and melodies from Pop. As for Quan2x, he
specifically utilizes his Hip-Hop sound but has been in the studio
working and creating new vibes for his listeners. As for their
strengths on top of their different styles and flows, they both create
music that is relatable for their audience.
With their most recent release titled “No Pain”, this  is their first
and biggest song out right now. The video is currently sitting at
21,000 views on YouTube and can also be found via all major streaming
platforms. As for upcoming content, NSMG Truu and Quan 2x plan on
dropping a joint tape sometime this summer. Before then we should see
them flood the streets with more and more music. Hinting at a future
release as early as March, they want to stay consistent as possible
and keep building up the fan base. For this track we should expect
nothing less of the Hip-Hop style we have seen by them before.  Also
looking to have many events, giveaways, and merch drops in the near
future as well, be sure to stay up to date with NSMG Truu and Quan 2xvia their streaming and social platforms.


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