Nostalgia Uses Strong Word Play To Bring Listeners In

Hailing from the west end of Philly, Nostalgia looks to put on for his hometown in the new year. Growing up in a broken environment, this made Nostalgia want more for his life and music. Dating back to his time as a kid, he first turned to music because of his Mother. Always watching her VHS tapes with all kinds of late 80’s early 90’s videos, Nostalgia has a different influence than most artists we see today. Incorporating a similar vibe in his music that he makes, Nostalgia can be considered an old school HipHop and Rap Artist. Also utilizing styles of today’s music, he has a perfect blend of both, something we have never seen mastered before until now. 
Realizing how many trials and tribulations come with being a musician, Nostalgia has built a strong level of grit and determination with his process. With everyone sounding similar in today’s music as far as sound and lyrics go, Nostalgia thinks outside the box and incorporates a strong level of word play within his releases. Releasing his first single as of 2022, Nostalgia looks to keep the pressure on all year long. With multiple new pieces of content in the works, we expect his rise to the top of the industry to be fast.

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