NEW RELEASE: Jhené Aiko's 'Chilombo' Deluxe Album

Jhené Aiko got us contemplating to stay with the exes or sticking to the sensual, strong energy that is 'Chilombo' upon her midnight release of the deluxe album. The 20-track extended edition compacts nine unreleased bonus tracks with feature appearances from Kehlani, Mila J, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and many more.


 According to a Billboard interview, her debut album which charted at No. 1 on their R&B charts is titled after her legal surname. The influences in her explicit essence of sensuality and love are wrapped into a psychedelia genre of her own.


In Aiko fashion, she explores the soulful journey of her most intimate life moments in songs like, "10k Hours" featuring Nas or "Pray for You". The greatest attribute that has truly defined Aiko's musical career is her chakra-filled empowerment in uplifting through the power of femininity. 


She unravels the power and strength of vulnerability through popular tracks like, "Triggered (Freestyle)", "None of Your Concern" featuring her boyfriend, Big Seanand "Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E)" featuring Miguel and Future. It's no surprise that whenever Aiko teams up with powerhouse artists with similar unfiltered mantras towards sex, romance, and life, you are locked in an invigorating experience to reevaluate your own entanglements or internal battles with intimacy in all forms.


Her guest appearance on John Legend's "Bigger Love" album dropped on Juneteenth, and recent collaboration with Ab-Soul to deliver the visual for "One Way St." Despite her rescheduling of the Magic Hour Tour due to COVID-19, she continues to heal the masses through reposting spiritual guides, dropping the occasional gospel of social advocacy and surprising fans with the release of her new music video titled "Summer 2020", via Instagram


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Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk

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