Nas Speaks On Speculation Behind Jay-Z's Release Dates and More

The world of hip-hop has held their speculations about the coincidental song releases between Nas and Jay-Z, questioning if there is an unfinished feud that stretches way back to their diss track days of 2001 and even further from 1996. During an interview with The Breakfast Club on Tuesday, August 25th, Charlamagne Tha God explores this possibility about the extent of Jay-Z’s motives, while the Queens-native icon addresses his truth on the airwaves.

Charlamagne poses the question, "Do you think Jay-Z releases projects on your album release dates on purpose?" which begins the theorized entertainment that fans have migrated in for years. Nas responds with this response below:


"I think that maybe there's an energy that we both have where maybe we like work around the same time."


This is where things got truly interesting. The hosts of The Breakfast Club began referencing a list that goes back to the height of their beef in 2001, but transformed itself in 2018. The two icons have comparable release dates that strangely coincide with one another:




In the efforts to stir the pot, 50 Cent joins in the conspiracy by commenting, "It's fucked up what they did to Nas" during a sit-down with DJ Whoo Kid's "The Whoolywood Shuffle". Take a look at the snippet below:

 Even so, Nas expressed some shock after the list breakdown and responded with this:


"Yo, bro that’s a hell of coincidence; that’s some confidence for you!” he exclaimed. “I think things just happen; just synergy, you know? Jay would know better than me."


Sounds like a humble king to me. As for his current success, Nas‘ latest 13th studio album "King’s Disease" is facing a strong Billboard 200 debut, aiming for the biggest opener of the week. When discussing the context of his album, he describes it as the thing that comes when you are on top of your game and so much more.


"You can overindulge in things that could be your demise … but I flipped into a lot more like being a king, watch out for hate, watch out for diseasing yourself with being drunk on power and ego," he tells the Breakfast Club interview.


"King’s Disease" follows 2018’s "Nasir" and features production by Hit-Boy, along with appearances from Don Toliver and Big Sean on “Replace Me,” Charlie Wilson on “Car #85,” Lil Durk on “Til The War Is Won,” Anderson. Paak on “All Bad,” and more.


The profound nature of this artist proves that a legacy can be built upon strict composition and lyricism that ages well over time leaving its impact on the generations of musical critics. For many fans today, the debate of which Nas album reigns supreme is still discussed today.


Dive deep into the realm of Nas' latest release, "King's Disease" below:


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