Moh Hood Putting On For Newburgh

Rising artist Moh Hood is putting on for Newburgh, New York. Growing up in this environment it made him not care about anyone’s opinion. Also being surrounded by the culture, music has always been in his roots. Starting off freestyling for fun, battle rapping, when Moh realized he could be an artist he got serious. Utilizing a new school sound, Moh Hood looks to break into different ways to express yourself. His rhythms, flows, and lyrics contain multiple generations of Hip-Hop as a whole. With an intense vibe, he goes so hard because it’s hip hop or nothing for him.

Looking to stay consistent as he’s ever been, Moh Hood plans to keep on dropping single after single. With his latest “Cosmic” still gaining traction, he just released the visuals on his Youtube page. As for upcoming releases he plans to drop “Pric A Finger” in the coming months. Right in line with all of his other releases, he plans to connect with his supporters. Make sure to stay in tune as 2023 may be the year we see Moh Hood climb to the top ranks of the industry.

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