MoeMoney Has New Music On The Way

Hailing from Placedo Texas MoeMoney is here to change the rap scene and devour the game. Where MoeMoney grew up he had to make his own opportunities to make the best out of what was available. Rapping about real life struggles and delving into what made him the man he is today. MoeMoney creates new flows and melodies while being inspired by the likes of Drake, Tupac, and Gucci Mane because of the realness they rap about. He has an intense passion for the music industry and really believes his music is the key to his future. Additionally he is eager and hungry to create more music and give his fans more content to vibe with. MoeMoney’s biggest show yet was the Coast to Coast show in Dallas Texas in October of 2021. The performance completely changed his outlook on music and performing.  MoeMoney loved the energy and passion from the audience, proving to himself once more that he is doing what he was born to do. There are simply not many events in life where people have access to that and MoeMoney ran with it. 
MoeMoney plans to release a new single and music video titled “Played Like A Fool '' produced by Dmurder in the next upcoming weeks. He wants to focus on connecting with his fans and get in better touch with his music to build a bigger fan base.  The new music video and single will boost MoeMoney’s credibility as an artist and make himself known as a pioneer for the Texas rap scene. Fans are taking notice and he is gaining more listeners while still standing tall.  The biggest overall message MoeMoney wants his fans to know is that he will overcome anything that stands in his way by himself. That sort of mindset is what separates him from other artists making him a soon to be monumental name in the industry.  Make sure to check out his music on the GMP Entertainment YouTube page along with his Instagram account @moses_davis22 for upcoming news and releases.

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