Mo3 Gr33n Is Always Up To Something Musically

Hailing from New Jersey, Mo3 Gr33n comes from a music oriented, Italian family. Music has always been something he has resonated with since he was young, he didn’t find music it basically found him. Creating music with an old school hip hop vibe, Mo3 Gr33n also has his own unique sound. Starting as a writer of all forms, in highschool and in college he was in honors creative writing courses while writing lyrics and helping manage other local rappers. It was here that he staggered with a drug addiction. Once again music found him by connecting Mo3 with an old friend in rehab and of course they now played guitar. Music was easily the number one reason he got through my addiction. After this he went to film school at New York Film Academy to further his knowledge in script writing and film production. After graduation, a film that he wrote and produced for director Ana Turner “Red Top” was featured in the LA New Filmmakers Festival. For the next two years he would work hard towards creating his first two albums produced by Witness. The first was called Gr33nlight and is a tribute to the different mind-states he was in while going through twelve step addiction recovery. The second album, “The Lessons of Master Oz Kano” is a comedy rap album. It is a satire about current scam artists in the hip hop industry themed around Nintendo 64 trap beats. After releasing these albums with the young producer Witness who was just 17 at the time, he decided that Artist Development was in line with his vision. Mo3 Gr33n and his film partner Mitchell Welsh then cofounded Gr33n Light Entertainment.

While building his brand and going through his past trials and tribulations, Mo3 Gr33n has always stuck to releasing music. Releasing multiple singles in 2022 with most recent titled “Brain Lock” he provides consistently for his fanbase. Also coming up on the anniversary of his studio album “The Lessons of Master Oz Kano” which debuted back in 2020, his growth has been exponential since then. If you have not had a chance to check out his discography, Mo3 Gr33n can be found on all major streaming platforms and has more music and opportunities for artists on the way!

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