Hefna380: Meet The Young Upcoming Rapper

          Upcoming rapper Hefna380, like many other legendary Emcees, is a Brooklyn native. He was born and raised in Crown Heights until the age of 9 when he moved to New Jersey and currently resides in Manalapan.

          As a kid, Hefna was never really into fashion and music, “Basketball really was the one true thing that kept me out and about… it was just basketball nonstop.” He tells RebleTV. But it is clear that his interests changed as he matured.

          Hefna began to model in February 2019 which caused a spike in his views on social media. “[I] started putting fashion into the mix and the people loved it!” He then started influencing in early April and it was obvious that the people wanted more from the young influencer. His first signs of success were through SnapChat, “I’d wake up in the morning, it would be like 400 snapchats. Before, it used to be like 25.” Hefna knew that he had a powerful online presence and needed to fulfill the needs of his audience. This shift introduced him into the music industry where he began putting out snippets in which hundreds of people a day would respond positively and show him lots of love, “So then I thought, maybe I should keep going and worry about now and see who likes it.

          But with success came challenges. “Some people stopped f*cking with me because they thought I changed.” Claimed the rapper, “But I’m still the same person… I don’t really get a lot [of hate] because I show love to legit everybody!” Hefna always remained humble and stayed true to his roots. He likes to post a lot of content and have an engaging interaction with his fans. “I like to post a lot of the love I get so people know that the feelings are mutual.” Hefna also spoke about the difficulty of getting to everyone’s messages and as much as he wishes that he could respond to everybody, it’s just too difficult. However, he definitely tries to respond to as many people as he can, “...unfortunately, most people can’t understand that!”

          When talking about his future, Hefna got real about his love for music. “I’ve had many dreams of being recognized… I hope to God the whole world can hear my music. Not for the fame… I want people to go nuts and enjoy themselves listening to ME.” He further explained that when he’s recording, he records like it’s his last song and truly gives it his all every time he’s in the studio.

          Hefna mentions that with social media fame, there as as many cons as there are pros. “There are lots of scammers that can lure you into making bad decisions and there are people that truly want to help.” But the young rapper states that the real question he asks himself is, “Who can you trust?!”

          One of Hefna’s biggest inspirations is Play boi Carti. “I remember the night Carti first inspired me to make music is when he @ me on Instagram when I was 15 years old.” He goes on about how that same night his brother Delano came back from his show and that if it wasn’t for his older brother he doesn’t know how soon he would’ve known about Carti. Hefna states that Carti didn’t blow up at the time. He had 37k followers on instagram and Carti was still Jordan Carter. “Before the fame, Carti expressed himself so much on social media… enough to talk to me.” Hefna states how Carti was in his early stages where he wanted to push everything. “Ever since I had a real live convo with him, that night changed my views on music. I bumped his track ‘Broke Boi’ in my room and ever since that night, music to me changed EVERYTHING and I won’t ever forget that.”

          But what is the meaning behind Hefna380? The rapper says, “The name Hefna380 is unique to me because me and my cousin Z was in my room listening to beats, writing raps one night and we discovered the name ‘Hefna’ from switching up ‘Hefner’. Come on I’m a MF rockstar inspired by the play boy lifestyle including ‘Hugh Hefner’... we wanted to then add a little kick. ‘380’ came from the weapon ‘380 acp semi automatic pistol. He said if he had any weapons to choose, that was one of his favorites. My cousin means a lot to me, his opinion means a lot to me. The name ‘Hefna380’ was a GO after that night.”

           As serious as Hefna is about his music, he is very committed to his family. “I wanna make sure my family and friends are all covered in my hands. That’s why I can never stop working hard, I got a job to do!”

          The young upcoming rapper has been focused and dedicated on his craft. We can see the love that he has for his supporters and his drive to make an impact in the music industry to make sure that his family and friends are covered while he is fulfilling his dream to become a superstar and have his music heard all around the world so that he can touch as many lives with his music as possible.

          KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN, Hefna380 gave us an exclusive heads up on new music dropping VERY soon! He recently finished a track titled, “I gotta go” which he claims means a lot to him and his music video will show everybody why. You read it here first! Follow him on social media @Hefna380 to keep yourself posted and up to date with the upcoming rappers latest news.

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Written by: Franklin Aguilar

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