Meet Siera: LA's Superstar in the Making

Siera is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Born in the Netherlands but being of Albanian descent, Siera is proud of her background and heritage. By the age of 4, her family moved to Marlboro, New Jersey, where she was raised for most of her upbringing. Siera has been singing since her diaper days. Having started vocal training at a young age, she began to perform in local talent shows. By the time she was 13, she received her first laptop and taught herself how to set up a home studio. The young singer started recording covers and uploading them to Soundcloud before realizing that she can integrate her artistic ideas into her own songs.



 Siera wrote her first song in 2015, the track was called "Some Love" and was written with the use of her piano. Ever since then, she began teaching herself how to produce and layout her own tracks. Recently, she released "Find Me", a song written back in July of 2019. "I had written the melody but didn’t think much of it... My cousin, Eldin, who goes by 3LDIN, was visiting LA at the time... we had been showing each other tracks that we were working on and I brought the song to him. We ended up locking ourselves in that night and stayed up ‘till 3 am finishing the song." This song ended up being one of her favorite songs ever written. Siera and Eldin let the song write itself and were super excited with the end result. "My favorite thing about the song is that the melodies were unintentionally influenced by our Balkan heritage. It makes the song even more special." Many times, Siera's roots are reflected in her art. Being in touch with her own music and not being afraid of giving us a taste of her cultural background, gives Siera the opportunity to stand out as a musician.

When she first moved to LA, Siera landed a mentorship with Grammy Award-winning producer, Fernando Garibay. For over a year, Fernando and Siera spent time focusing on the art of songwriting and understanding the business side of the music industry. "With all the knowledge I gained, I’m able to maneuver my way through the Los Angeles music scene." Siera confidently states. "Ever since I began writing, I had to learn how to mimic different genres and curate all types of sounds for specific artists." Being able to maneuver different sounds and jump from one genre to another has allowed her to touch on different demographics. Siera is not afraid to play with her musical versatility and well-roundedness.

Additionally, when it comes to the stage, her favorite song to perform is “Islands". The song has an upbeat, energetic, and catchy vibe, the second you hear it, it makes your hips wobble into dance. "It makes engaging with the audience a lot more fun." 

"I can’t wait until I’m able to tour. To travel through different cities just to be able to perform my own songs for people to enjoy. Plus, I love the art of stage design and performance, so I’d want to put on unforgettable shows." She says with such flaming passion for what's to come. As an upcoming artist, she is aware of other aspects needed to get to the next level in her career. "I want my supporters to know that I put a lot of meaning behind my music. Anywhere from lyrics to the melody, my writing has personal messages that I might never mention. But they’re all saying something in different ways, and a lot of my stories are personal." Siera is not afraid to reveal her inner layers, the authenticity behind her music gives her fans a chance to genuinely relate with her, forming a deeper, more intimate connection. 


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⚡️ MY NEW SONG “ENOUGH” IS FINALLY OUT ⚡️ I’ve been holding this project to myself all week and I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with everyone! This song is so special to me especially because it touches base on a very important topic, that being sexual harassment and abuse. Inspired by the R. Kelly victims and the MeToo Movement, I wrote this song to bring awareness to a topic that has been neglected for way too long. Check out the video to find out more! #MeToo 💕✨Link in Bio✨💕 Also available to stream on Spotify and Apple/iTunes (and soon other platforms!) • #metoomovement #rkelly #survivingrkelly #activist #activism #artivism #musicvideo #newmusic #enough #youarenotalone

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Many of her supporters have stuck with her throughout the years. "I’d just want to thank everyone for watching my journey as I continue to grow..." she says while hinting that she has "a lot more prepared for the rest of the year!"

Currently, she continues to work on her first album. Siera is aiming to release her first full-length project in the summer of 2020. She informs us that as she is finishing up the remaining tracks but will continue to release singles and more music videos before the official drop. All in all, definitely keep your eyes on this upcoming singer as she has no plans on stopping her musical journey to stardom. Siera is her pure self and she is proud of it! Follow her on all social media platforms @sieramusic and subscribe to her youtube channel using the link below!




Written by:
Franklin Aguilar

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