Meet Miami Artist RollinKing

RollinKing is an up-and-coming music artist who has been making serious strides over the last couple of years. He was born in Haiti and grew up in Miami in poverty, which heavily influences his music. His genre is described as street gospel, rap blues with lyrics that tell a story and paint a picture. His biggest strength as an artist is his ability to connect his words and lyrics to create a cohesive narrative, while his struggles lie in figuring out his identity and where he wants to be. Some of his musical inspirations include Russ, Kodak Black, and Drake.

RollinKing’s latest single “Thursday” was released on March 2nd, and his target audience is rap and hip hop fans. The inspiration for the song came from a personal experience where someone owed him something on a Wednesday, and he needed it by the next day. The biggest message he is trying to convey in the song is the importance of returning the favor. King’s plans for the next 60 days include promoting “Thursday” as much as possible and pushing the music video. His biggest accomplishment to date is the positive feedback he receives from people who listen to his music outside of friends and family.

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