Meet ARTZ: Brooklyn's Humble MC

ARTZ is all about the people and the music. Brooklyn born, ARTZ was surrounded by Hip Hop culture. His musical inspiration came from a melting pot of cultural flavors and emcees such as Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye, Pharell, and Andre 3000 just to name a few. Being of Italian and Puerto Rican descent and born in such a vivid borough like Brooklyn, he grew up listening to some classics. "I remember my mom would put on Mary J. Blige and also bump The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill", he tells us. Inevitably, he developed a passion for music and fell in love with it. Along his journey, he's learned multiple skills that have made him into the versatile musician and creative that he is today. Being a curator, director, and editor, there is certainly more to him than meets the eye.


At the early age of 15, ARTZ recorded his first song which later led to his first project Established 1990. ARTZ is not afraid to embrace his duality and encourages others to do the same. Surviving a stray gunshot wound to the face at 17 and having lived a rough life during his teenage years, inspired him to embrace rejection. Thus, his community of misfits, "Rejects Dreams" was born. "I'm a reject to the masses because I don't stand for the same things that an average "rapper" stands for. I'm for the people and for the music, not the b.s." 

The Brooklyn musician describes "Reject Dreams" as a lifestyle. His dedication and open-mindedness have helped him accept rejection in order to overcome adversity. "My rejects are the people that I have collaborated with, my producers and business partners. Anybody could be a reject. The reason I call myself a reject is because growing up I never felt understood. I am making a safe haven where people can feel free to live and be themselves." Check out his short film below that gives a look into ARTZ's No Sleep : 25/8 EP by using snippets of his songs as the sound-score.

Additionally, ARTZ tells us, "I wanna get into movies, community outreach, reject dreams camps to intern for in order to learn the field of making music. You don’t even gotta know me to be a reject.” He truly is a man of the people and is never trying to be anyone else. "I'm tryna tell my story and speak for the people that I’ve met and been with me through my struggles and challenges." He isn't trying to fill any status quo or have a song a certain way. He is obsessed with his craft and is passionate about what he stands for. "My name is ARTZ because I curate art events. I’m a NY kid and I'm the definition of what it means to be a New Yorker." Peep some of his recent singles below!


"My goal was to be the best artist I could be and that’s what I lead with." ARTZ continues to tell his story and never judges his time on someone else’s schedule. His genuine attitude and down to earth persona keeps his feet well planted. All while maintaining his focus on continuing to pave his own path while bringing as many "rejects" along in his journey. "I always fought, when resistance got tough, I kept pushing, I never gave up. I’m 14 years in this game and I continue to make music. I never thought about taking the easy route because I do it to be the example to the next person to come for anyone that can have a moment for me." ARTZ is an artist that fully understands how keeping one's integrity can go a long way. 

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Also, be sure to listen to his latest single, "Salt Bae" and keep your eyes on him as he's been building so much during this quarantine. 


Written by:

Franklin Aguilar

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