Meet Artist Yarami Lacour Who Shares A Unique Background

er did all she could to protect him and his younger brother from the temptations of gang life and drug usage. Yarami spent a alot time to himself in his room isolated. Until his mom decided to get him and his brother out of that problematic city, they traveled from state to state for the better half of his childhood. It was because of this, Yarami was never able to develope any strong relationships with friends growing up. Yarami wasn’t able to emotionally connect with many growing up as a resulting by-product. It was because of this Yarami developed a talent for poetry and songwrtiting as a way to express himslef emotionally. “Music was always a big part of my up bringing” says Yarami. “My mom played music everyday all day whether she was sad, mad, or happy. Rain, sleet, or snow.” Chuckled Yarami. It was here that lead to Yarami developing his love for music! “Music has always been my escape.” Growing up, Yarami never knew he was musically gifted, being that a large portion of his family was also musically gifted. “Growing up I thought everyone could sing, so I never thought I was special or considered gifted until I got in high school and the girls made sure to let me know what I was special and different”, stated Yarami. Though it wasn’t until a friend of the family who was managing NEYO heard him sing at a talent show, that he would be introduced to the music industry. He was offered a developmental deal with Sony Music at 16 but his mom, who was a bit pessimistic of the music industry and its operations, turned down the offer. So Yarami waited until he graduated school to seriously pursue his long lost passion. Fast forward to now, Lacour is a masterful vocalist with a unique talent portraying his emotions in song form. Yarami uses the combination of his lyrics & his voice to immerse the listeners into the storys he tells.

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