Meek Mill Cosign's DJ Diddy

It’s no surprise to see other superstars showing support to the world’s youngest celebrity DJ. But not everyday do artists get signed by their inspiration. In this case, the GOAT Meek Milly! Meek Mill truly is Diddy’s biggest inspiration as Diddy has looked up to Meek Mill for years and has been one of his most influential rappers. A cosign from his biggest motivator means the world to Diddy. The legendary Philly native has shown his support by reminding him that his time is coming as long as he keeps hustling, and as we all know DJ Diddy has absolutely no plans of slowing down.

As a matter of fact, Diddy started the decade off with a bang by dropping “Monopoly” featuring Lil XXEL on January 3. The song caught Meek’s attention and certified Diddy for his rapid success. As of now, the record has gained over 5 million streams across all platforms, in just TWO WEEKS after its release! “Monopoly” was sitting at #1 on soundcloud’s New & Hot AND R&B charts for 6 consecutive days.

Both DJ Diddy & Lil XXEL have met with numerous respected record labels that are trying to get to them and quick! The list includes, Warner Music Group, Columbia Records, Republic Records, Capitol Records & more. TikTok has also been blowing up over the song and it is clear that people are waiting for a music video with much anticipation. Fans across all social media platforms are anxiously waiting for the anticipated visuals following “Monopoly” and hope to hear an official release date for the music video soon. 


As of now, both young artists are planning the drop for early February but an official release date is yet to be announced.


Tap the link below to listen to Monopoly by DJ Diddy feat. Lil XXEL:


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Franklin Aguilar (@franklinsuave)

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