Mary J. Blige Is Through With Being Called "Auntie"

It's time to come to an end with calling Mary J. Blige "Auntie". 



The legendary R&B vocals of Mary J. Blige have delivered us some diva-boosters with songs like "Just Fine" from 2007 or "Family Affair" from 2001. She also carried us through heartbreak with "Not Gon' Cry" from 1996 or "Be Without You" from 2005 and reminded us of our strength and growth with "Take Me As I Am". Her fan-dedicated title as "Auntie Mary" is not to be taken lightly.


 During a virtual discussion with Hip Hollywood, hostess Vanessa B. posed the question of whether or not she has embraced the title, which was met with a dash of distaste from the singer. Check out her response at the clip below:



 "Why can't I just be your sister? There's women that are like, way older than me calling me 'Auntie.' C'mon," Blige said. "Can I just be your sister? Your friend in your head?... The 'Auntie' is like...c'mon."


She continues by stating that, if you are 10 years older than her, please don't call her 'Auntie'. Her annoyance became real prevalent that the title has become a phenomenon. Looks like we need to pack that name up and take this word from our R&B star now or never. We still got love for you, Mary!




Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk





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