Lul Youngin Preparing His Next Single "Beyond Repair"

Melodic and Hip-Hop artist Lul Youngin has been putting on for Florida. Dealing with multiple struggles growing up including being in foster care and not having anyone to understand him emotionally, he turned to music. Through all the rough times he has always pushed through and never gave up. With his first song “Headshot” landing on the Worldstar platform and hitting over 100,000 streams, he has never looked back. With each of his releases being unique he has been able to reach more and more supporters. Also having a real story to tell, many of his listeners can relate to what Lul Youngin speaks on. 

With lots of content in store for 2023, he prepares his next single and video titled “Beyond Repair”. Receiving inspiration from heartbreak and disappointment he has dealt with, Youngin hopes to uplight those struggling in the same way. For now, make sure to keep streaming his top tracks “Headshot”, “Ready to Die” and “Fuck The Opps” which can be found on all major streaming services.

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