Louie Magor Is The R&B Artist We Have Been Missing

Louie Magor is a rising talent born and raised in Newark, NJ which was dubbed ‘Brick City’ by pop culture. Growing up around music and culture his entire life his parents introduced Louie to real music at an early age. Starting off in the choir eventually lead to being inspired by his cousin Kyle. He saw him build his own studio and start writing his own music which gave him the push he needed to start doing the same. Flash forward to 2018 & Louie built a home studio in his basement which became an incubator for learning and talent between him and his brother. Louie began to sculpt his style by absorbing the different types of music played at traditional Newark events such as cook-outs, clubs, house parties and the signature Jersey Club sound. He identified that dance was an outlet for the people in Newark to express themselves and it even allows adversaries to exist in the same conditions. Bounce to 2022 and Louie works with a large group of artists in his studio and drastic differences can be seen between his current and former vocal ranges and lyricism. Blending R&B and soul through tender lyrics and soul-stirring vocals allows his listeners to relate to the trials and tribulations of daily life. He took inspiration from fellow artists like Tory Lanez, Drake, Bruno Mars, Neyo, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and many more. He admires their ability visualize the story each artist was looking to tell with their releases. Louie also brings a focus to men that conceal their vulnerability through the outlet of his voice. Delivering hooks that perfectly blend old school feelings with new school bop that flows effortlessly over the distinctive production will leave listeners wondering who is listening. 
This time he graciously gives us ‘Hip Flex’ which effortlessly blends both R&B with some hints of drill inspired by Newark & New York City. Creating the track in 2020, Louie has spent the better part of the past 2 years perfecting his rollout strategy and building a lengthily catalogue of music to follow this first release. Louie had his eyes set on the Urban/Hip-Hop fanbase set out with this release, the song has a very relatable message that anything and everything is possible. Combining the new school bounce with old school vibes brings us a clear message that R&B is far from a dead genre. His strongest characteristic with this track is the versatility blending sex, trap and pop vibes in the same song. Finding inspiration to drop this release wasn’t easy, while Louie was preparing the release there were plenty of naysayers trying to keep him from pursuing his dream but once he started teasing the song on social media the reaction he got was far better, giving him the inspiration to drop. We got a chance to catch up with Louie where we asked him what the biggest overall message with the release was and he had this to say; “You can do anything you set your mind to never settle for less and have fun in finding yourself along the way. Just un apologetically be yourself and the best version of you for you first and foremost.” Make sure to stay Louie on Instagram @louiemagor.

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