Lockey 2K Putting on for Seattle

Hailing from Seattle, WA, rising artist Lockey 2K uses his upbringing and environment to create unique sounds for his listeners. With a the music scene growing more and more by the day directly in Seattle, Lockey got to witness Macklemore and Lil Mosey rise to the top during his upbringing years. Now with the mic in his hand, it is his time to shine. Building a love for music at just a super young age, Lockey 2K was actually first introduced to it by his older brother. Since then his musical journey has really come to life. Classifying his music as a blend of Trap, Rap and R&B, Lockey wants to reach and impact to as many fans as possible. Carrying this versatile sound and style, he has a wide variety of releases for his listeners to choose from on his discography as of right now. Also incorporating catchy word play into his releases, Lockey 2K makes sure each of his songs tell a strong story and sit with whomever listens for days upon end.

Embracing his creative side, Lockey is always working on new content. With his first solo project in the works, he plans to let it go on his birthday in April. With the 9 tracks he currently has out, we should expect to see nothing less of this vibe when the album drops. As far as fan favorites go so far they seem to be “Froze” with featured artist Surf and “Hands up!” with Gunnr. Make sure to stay up to date with Lockey 2K via his Instagram and other social profiles. With all this hard work he has put in, this may just be the year we see him rise to the top ranks of the music industry.

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