Lilx Milkies Is Here With A Brand New Album

Rising artist Lilx Milkies has been showing off his versatile style ever since becoming a musician. Lilx Milkies, also the Head of Outonspace Productions, has created a brand to further his passion in this industry. Working with dancers, producers, artists, and audio engineers, he plan's to pave the way and teach those around him. Growing up in Oklahoma City, OK, Lilx did not have the resources that many upper class families do. Being stuck with a pencil and paper, this led to his musical creativity sparking at a young age. Listening to his mother’s music growing up of course, Lilx heard many different sounds and styles, giving him an open ear to all the genres we see in today’s music world. Always wanting his voice to be heard, he felt as if music was a perfect way to get his opinions out and circulating into the world. Making music that taps into his listeners emotions, Lilx Milkies is able to influence whom ever comes across it. Using inspiration from the late Michael Jackson, Lilx wants his music to last for generations.

Starting his musical journey officially in 2017, it was not until 2021 when Lilx Milkies dropped his first album on all platforms. With improvements on his vocal skills, Lilx continued to release singles before he dropped another project, this time an EP titled “Milk Mess Vol 1”. As for the new year, Lilx has been creating more music than ever. With his most recent album Psych!, we see his pure ability as a musician. Having 14 songs with vibes from pop, hiphop, rap, and rnb, Lilx Milkies hopes he has a song for everyone on there. Making it known through his word play that words and emotions get confusing but the energy you give someone can always be felt. If you have not had a chance to check out this brand new project, it is available via all major streaming platforms. Also be sure to be on the lookout for much more exciting content as Lilx Milkies plans to say consistent as ever in the new year.



Milkies is tuff for sure

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LilxMilkies is the next big thing fr!

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