Lil XLR8 Carries The Focus and Determination It Takes To Be Successful

Born and raised in Mobile Alabama, the music scene was not something to look into until Lil XLR8 started his journey. His music would be classified as terribly beautiful with haunting melodies and atmospheric lyrics. Inspired by the likes of Black Veil Brides and Bring Me the Horizon. These bands gave Lil XLR8 hope and comfort when needed most and he hopes to do the same for his fans. He first started out in 2017 by recording in his grandmother's car with an iPhone and edited his music on Audacity to make the music sound the best it could. Now Lil XLR8 is making the most superlative music he can with songs like “bodybag” and “telephone” both released in 2022. This type of focus and determination is something artists lack. Lil XLR8 is making music for the people who are looking for guidance and the music is genuine. Lil XLR8 is not an artist who is making music just to chase the bag but to have a fulfilling life long career. 

In just a couple days Lil XLR8 will be dropping his newest release “Don’t wanna be broke” on June 1, 2022. This song is inspired by the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck. Paying rent and bills and then having no money left over. He is looking to break that vicious cycle through his music. Lil XLR8 doesn’ like to limit himself to one genre and why would he? The man has the ability to push his range and really experiment with his sounds. Patience is key and that is something Lil XLR8 is able to demonstrate through his music. Lil XLR8 wants his fans to know that one day through hard work and dedication he won’t be broke anymore and if he can do it so can anyone. Make sure to stay tuned for “Don’t wanna be broke” dropping June 1, 2022 and to check out the rest of his discography on SoundCloud along with his fan’s favorite “bodybag”.

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