Lil Wayne Launches 4-Song EP "Skateboard Weezy"

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., internationally known as Lil Wayne, has added another EP on July 1st, 2020 in addition to his latest June projects (Weezy Workout and Weezy Flow), titled Skateboard Weezy.



All four tracks in the EP are featured inside the expanded edition of Wayne's album, "Funeral". The first track, "I Don't Sleep" featuring Takeoff contains a classic case of insomnia along with the notion that this influential artist never missing a beat in the industry.


The second track, "Big Worm", pays homage to the heavy-set dopeboy from 1995 comedy film, Friday. The slow melodic trap also details in the exhausting cycle of trusting in a relationship that may or may not meet you halfway.


The third track, "Harden", begins under soulful vocals and old-school instrumentals telling the story of Wayne's love life, and his experiences with romantic rejection and missed opportunities'. The title name was also inspired by basketball player, James Harden, known for rarely missing his shots - just like how Wayne never misses in the game of love.


The final track, "Wayne's World", is a celebratory song which serves the perfect party swing under the reference to the 1992 comedy film. The post-chorus takes influence from the film stating, "Party time excellent, I party hard," and added his own references under the deluxe album, "Funeral".


Skateboard Weezy is available on Spotify and Apple Music, capsulated with 13 minutes of music play. For more updates from Weezy, be sure to check out his Apple music podcast, #YoungMoneyRadio. Which one of the three extended plays has become your favorite? Share your thoughts below!


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Written by: Tasha Dowbachuk

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